Our company, Air and Marine Travel Service, has been dedicated for over eight decades to delivering highly curated experiential vacation voyages to our clients in the air, on the land and sea.

Travel is more than logistics. It is, at its best, a very human experience where you connect with people, places and experiences that shape the prism through which you see the world.  In the 1930’s my father in law, Thad Hyatt started Tramp Trips Inc. focused exclusively on twelve passenger freighter travel. In the late 1930’s he started Air and Marine Travel Service and in the late 1940’s he started Caribbean Holidays Inc. In the Spring of 1971, I purchased Air and Marine Travel Service with my husband Jim Hyatt to continue building on the legacy. 

With the passing of my husband in 1997, I made the right decision to bring us into Tzell Travel Group. Becoming part of Tzell, has allowed us to leverage our collective volume and reputation to continue creating remarkable vacation voyages in the air, on the land and sea. 

Working alongside my son Keith, brings us both great pleasure to arrange your travel. Whether you want to explore the world by private jet, sailing yacht, expedition ship, river cruise, luxury train or be chauffeured through the countryside, or plan a trip to grandma’s house, we can make it happen.  Let us bring your passions to life with a curated experience to awaken your curiosity and nourish your soul.

-Alice and Keith Hyatt